Notice of fraud.

With regard to the payment of fees for patents and trademarks, it has been observed that, in recent months, a number of communications have been circulating, addressed to public and private entities and individuals, requesting the payment of different fees, fraudulently using the name of the SPTO.

These communications even use the SPTO letterhead, stamps and false signatures.

Attached is a fraudulent document requesting the payment of fees, received by an individual.

We hereby advise you that these fraudulent communications are neither issued nor endorsed by the SPTO and have no legal standing.

Please be reminded that the SPTO has clear and transparent means of collecting fees officially, as detailed on the SPTO web page.

Affected parties should carefully study any documents that have been sent to them before making payment, in order to ensure they are contracting products or services that are of benefit to them.

If you have any doubts, please contact the SPTO.


Telephone: 902157530
Fax: 91 349 55 97