Forum on Innovation and Patents

The Patent Innovation Forum was formed in 1999 to be a permanent venue for the debate and study of issues related to innovation and patents. It is structured as an informal discussion, consultation, opinion-forming group and a means of transmitting information, with a flexible composition that allows new members to join or leave depending on the subjects to be debated. In it, companies, universities and other public research centres, business associations and other organisations related to innovation are represented.

The goals of this Forum are, on the one hand, to facilitate and promote communication and debate amongst its members so that they can transmit the opinions of sectors related to innovation and patents to the STPO, and, on the other, to serve as a channel for disseminating initiatives launched or adopted by the STPO related to the issues being considered by the Forum amongst interested sectors.

Ultimately the goal of the Forum is to inform, analyse and study topics considered important for improving the Science-Technology-Industry system, but always in relation to Industrial Property.

The Presidency of the Forum corresponds to the Secretariat of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce; the Vice Presidency to the Director General of the STPO; and the Permanent Secretary to the Industrial Technological Prospecting Observatory (ITPO).