What can I register?

You can apply for any of the following domains with complete freedom:

  • Domains assigned automatically:
    • ".es", to identify your name, your company, your organisation on the Internet. Examples:
      • whateveryouwant.es
      • myname.es
      • mycompany.es
      • myorganisation.es
    • ".com.es" for any type of activity at a highly reduced price; for example, concert.com.es
    • "nom.es" for your name; for example, maryjones.nom.es
    • ".org.es" for your organisation; for example, oxfam.org.es
  • Domains requiring advance verification:
    • ".edu.es" if you are an officially recognised teaching organisation; for example, xxxschool.edu.es
    • ".gob.es" Reserved for government institutions; for example, ministry.gob.es

Your ".es" domain will be assigned immediately and automatically on a first come, first served basis, so the first applicant will be the first to obtain it. You must bear in mind:

  • That it has not previously been assigned.
  • That if complies with the syntax rules.
  • That it is not included on the prohibited term list.
  • That it is not included on the reserved term list.