“.com.es”, “.nom.es”, “.org.es”, “.gob.es” and “.edu.es” domains

The Third Level Domains, ".com.es", ".nom.es" and ".org.es" offer you all the agility necessary to have your domain in Internet immediately and with complete freedom. For example:

  • www.thebestbookshop.com.es
  • www.johnsmith.nom.es
  • www.health-foundation.org.es

The ".gob.es" and ".edu.es" codes provide Public Organisations and Entities and Institutions related to Teaching or Research in Spain with their identification on the Internet. These domains require advance verification, and need a maximum time limit of 24 hours for their registration. For example:

  • www.support-smes.gob.es
  • www.e-training.edu.es