How to apply for domain names with .es?

With a Registrar

Domain names can be applied for through the authorised Registrars. To do so, access the website of the Registrar you have chosen and apply for your domain name providing the information necessary for registration.

The Registrars offer a series of additional benefits that, in addition to providing you with the management of the registration and the renewal of domain names, will enable you to optimise and exploit the use of your domain.

Directly with ESNIC

You can register your domain name directly with ESNIC. To do so, you must access the form where you enter the information necessary for the registration. If you have applied for domains under the ".es", "", "" and "" codes, they will be assigned automatically once you have paid for them.

Applications for the "" and "" domains require advance checks, and therefore the average time limit for assignment is 24 hours.

Information necessary to register

The information you must provide when registering your domain name is as follows:

  • Chosen domain name (use the search engine to check that it is available)
  • Your personal details:
    • Name and Surname(s)
    • Address
    • Tax ID No.
    • Telephone
    • Organisation E-mail Details (if you are registering the domain for your Company or Organisation):
      • Name
      • Address
      • Tax ID code

All this information, including an e-mail address for communications, is essential. There is more information (DNS servers, technical or invoicing contact persons) that you can provide ESNIC with if you consider it appropriate.