Volume II. Patents and Utility Models


Volume II of the daily publication of the Spanish Official Industrial Property Gazette.

It contains the following:

  • Patent applications, including the abstracts and further significant drawings and failed applications, if applicable.
  • All the administrative resources that affect patents such as: awards, rejections, waivers, application cancellations, expiry dates, etc.
  • European patent applications that obtain provisional protection in Spain.
  • European patents granted that designate Spain.
  • Utility model applications, including the claims and most significant drawings and failed applications.
  • All administrative resolutions concerning utility models such as: awards, rejections, application cancellation or awards, expiry dates.
  • Use and Licenses: everything concerning licenses, offerings, etc., everything regarding patents, via the Spanish and European route, and utility models.
  • Ownership transfers made.
  • Administrative appeals brought against resolutions, judicial review appeals, decisions of courts and compliance with judgements.
  • All administrative resolutions concerning semiconductor topographies.
  • international treaties and agreements.
  • Indices ordered alphabetically and according to the International Patent Classification, of the granting of patents and models, and of the applications for patents and models corresponding to this period.

Information on dates, causes, names, file numbers, etc. appear for each action, which enable the document concerned to be located easily.


It allows monitoring the judicial review procedures concerning patents and utility models, which allows the user to:

  • Be up-to-date with Spanish patents, European patents which designate Spain and Spanish utility models that are protected.
  • Study the problems that have arisen for patent and utility model applicants in order to try to avoid them.
  • Know the availability for obtaining patent and utility model licenses.
  • Be up-to-date for the activity performed regarding Spanish patents and utility models, whether in a certain field of the industrial activity or by a given applicant.

How to apply

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