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Does the SPTO enter personal data on the Internet?

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office does not enter personal data on the INTERNET. It does, in accordance with the provisions of articles 18.3 and 30.3 of Law 17/2001 on Trademarks, publish the application with the legally required information in the BOPI, and it provides information about the data based on the status of case files that refer to registration of trademarks. Both the BOPI and the trademark register can be consulted free of charge at our website, but the data is neither passed on nor transferred to third parties.

If you find your data in a search engine, we suggest that you contact the party responsible for same.

Regarding the disappearance your address data in our database, this will be possible if you notify us of a change of address and provide us with a postal address for notification purposes.

But the notice in the BOPI, in which your data appears, is unavoidable and cannot be changed, as this would be similar to changing an already published BOE.

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